Potential Vegan Food News Posts

Date Headline
August 11, 2020Plant-Based Food Market to Reach $74.2 Billion by 2027
August 11, 2020Black-Owned Vegan Soul Food Restaurant ‘Souley Vegan’ Expands to 2 New Cities
August 11, 2020BMW 5-Series Cars Will Now Be Made With Vegan Leather
August 11, 2020Beyond Meat Sausage Toppings Now Available at Pizza Huts in Puerto Rico!
August 11, 2020From Corn Cob Jelly to Creamy Mango Chia Pudding: Our Top Eight Vegan Recipes of the Day!
August 11, 202015 Vegan Versions of Junk Foods For When Those Cravings Hit!
August 11, 20208 Different Ways to Make Raspberry Tarts Without Eggs, Milk, or Butter
August 11, 2020Selena Gomez’s Rare Beauty Brand Will Be 100% Vegan and Cruelty-Free
August 11, 2020Brighton’s ‘Vegan KFC’ Chicken Shop Sold Out on First Day
August 11, 2020These 25 Vegan Cheese Recipes Will Make You Forget About Dairy
August 10, 2020Mexican State of Oaxaca Bans Sale of Junk Food and Soda to Children
August 10, 2020Charity Reunites Animals With Owners After Beirut Explosion
August 10, 202010 Awesome Dairy-Free S’more Recipes You Can Make At Home (No Campfire Needed!)
August 10, 202010 Vegan Recipes Featuring Fruit and Nut!
August 10, 2020From Canned Spicy Cauliflower with Turmeric to Mango & Tender Coconut Soft Serve: Our Top Eight Vegan Recipes of the Day!
August 10, 2020Vegan Pasta Bar Coming to NYC’s East Village
August 09, 2020Switzerland Just Got Its First Vegan Donut Shop
August 09, 2020Vegan Pasta In a Creamy Cashew Sauce With Mushrooms and Asparagus
August 09, 2020Our Top 10 Easy, Quick Plant-Based Recipes From July 2020
August 09, 2020Weekly Meal Plan: Whole Food Summer Recipes!